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About Us

Made with love... and knowhow

We created Kakoo® - chocolates with benefits - with the mission to spread smiles, bite by bite. 

With chocolate already being polyphenol-packed, a micronutrient known for its mood-boosting properties, we are enhancing the experience by adding adaptogens and nootropics. Basically, we make the intake of functional, usually boring and tasteless supplements, delicious and fun!

We are three family members and experienced industry professionals with a family business heritage of over 140 years in the food sector. We developed Kakoo® based on our extensive expertise in the areas of sourcing, food safety, and production. The products are all made and packed in our modern production facility in Southern Switzerland.

Owing to its innovative packaging and uniquely delicious recipe, pre-launch Kakoo® RELAX was already shortlisted as a finalist in the World Food Innovation Award’s “best health or wellbeing food” category.

We work with certified suppliers who control up to the entire lifecycle of ingredients - from cultivation and extraction to production and distribution. We use Swiss ingredients where we can, with fully accredited relevant regulatory and quality certifications along the supply chain.


Funda, Abouzar and Julia

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